My Story

The Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia-severe dysplasia (CIN 3) in April of 2011.  At 22 years old, I was scared and confused, because I had been getting a yearly pap test since I was 18 years old, and all my results had come back normal until this one.  As I understood from my doctor, CIN 3, which is the highest grade before Cervical Cancer, was usually the result of not catching the virus early enough and allowing it to progress. In my case, I had just come in contact with a high grade strain.  My gynecologist told me that my body should be able to fight the virus.  (Apparently, most people who come in contact with the virus are able to fight it.) At this point, I was just going to be monitored to make sure the infected cells did not spread.  So, my gynecologist scheduled me for a colposcopy in three months and advised me of the following to help my body fight the virus:

1. Reduce the stress in my life.
2. Do not start smoking. (He told me that fighting HPV is impossible in the bodies of those who smoke!)

Since I've never smoked in my life, this one was easy.  Reducing stress...Not so easy, but I definitely was going to try!

Staying Positive

Well, three months went by and I had my follow-up colposcopy.  Still the same diagnosis--CIN 3.  My doctor seemed more concerned this time.  He said that the best thing for me was to 'freeze my cervix.'  This procedure, called a cryosurgery, was supposed to be the answer to recovering my health.

During the time between the cryosurgery and my next pap, I was in a bad car accident.  I had broken ribs, a broken leg, and two herniated discs in my neck.  This, obviously, was not optimal for my immune system and it certainly did no favors to my body for fighting the virus.

Alas... three months later, the next pap test came around, and I STILL was diagnosed with CIN 3.  This was not looking good.

Finding The Path To Good Health

So...I tried a new approach!  I did a lot of research on cervical health and natural healing techniques for HPV and cervical cancer. Fortunately, I found some awesome strategies for improving my immune system to help my body fight HPV.  I'll tell you all about it here!

I am happy to report that after my most recent pap test, I am cervical cancer and HPV free!  My body shows no signs of the virus and I feel better than ever.  To read the post where I describe to you in detail, how I fought HPV, read this!